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Device refuses to sync / bad battery?

Do I need a new battery?

I just purchased a brand new in the box iPod shuffle 1st generation 512mb.

When I plugged it into an outlet with a wall adapter that I use for my other iPods, it flashed a couple times and then nothing. Then I plugged it into the computer to see if it would pull up in iTunes. I did for a bit, but it would mount and unmount continuously. I also tried the repair utility, but it said error, and could not complete.

Next I figured that the battery was very old.

When I opened the device the battery was very swollen and hot.

Would a new battery fix this?

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nanceluke, " the battery was very swollen and hot" is the best indication that you need a new battery. I am not saying that this is the problem, but it is most certainly the first thing that you need to change. here is the guide and the battery is available right here as well as many other places. Hope this helps, good luck.

Image iPod Shuffle Gen 1 Replacement Battery


iPod Shuffle Gen 1 Replacement Battery


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