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Nes Motherboard Oven Reflow

I want to know if it's safe to reflow a nes motherboard in an oven.

I was going to put it in for 8 minutes at about 350 Degrees BUT then I remebered the big metal part on it that acts as the power in and video out. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be good for that part to go 8 minutes at 350 Degrees. I don't know

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First off, why do you think it needs a reflow? second, have you ever done this? Third, you do need to properly cover all parts and pieces that are not be reflown. It is not as simple as just taking the board and baking it like cookies at 350 degrees for 8 minutes :-)


Cat's peed on it. Tried everything to get it to run games even got a new 72-pin connector AND it still doesn't work. I have reflowed my old laptop motherboard , by simply putting it into the oven without covering anything up and it works great now. I would like some tip / pointers on how to go about this though ^_^


Sawyer Nelson, I don't think cat pee damage will be resolved by a reflow:-) Anyhow, if you can, post an image of the complete board and lets see what might need to be covered for a reflow. May be we can even find a reflow profile for it


Cat pee, and living with a smoker. Does wonders to electronics trust me :/ , and why post a picture? It's a normal nes board, just a stinky one.


If your cat peed on it, just wash the motherboard.


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First thing u need to do is clean the motherboard using isopropyl alcohol. Use a small brush to clean all the parts. Only after that should u consider any other option and one more thing, solder melts at 183 degree centigrade and the non lead solder melts at 217 degree centigrade. Also to the reflow be successful u need to use liquid flux. But clean first. Write back on what u did. good luck.

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