15" MacBook Pro Unibody- Fans Spin, No boot, No Chime, Blank Screen

My issue is pretty simple.

I have this macbook - haven't spilt anything on it.

One day the machine stopped turning on...when i got back from holiday.

Tried resetting the PRAM


booting from Disk.

removed Ram.

Inserted new ram.

Unplugged each component sepeartey from the logic Board.

The computer charges.

The fans turn on and the machine heats up over time.

Small light on the mac will stay on but no rhythmic pattern.

Powering on the machine- the screen stays completley black.

No chime, no sounds. Just the fans and the light at the front.

A bit of spinning occurs on the fans and then it stops.

then it will start again.

the mac will get hot if i turn on and then don't take the battery out.

there are no beeps when holding down the power button either.

The HDD sounds like it's starting up and the dying straight away..

I think the logic board is fried..dont know how...never spilt anything on it.

Any ideas.

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Have you tried plugging it into an external display? It's possible that the computer may be muted (thus no chime) and if the display suddenly failed, it *might* cause this.


i did indeed- nothing..its definitely not the display because the fans will spin on boot..then die after a bit..then spin...then die..

looks like the logic board needs to be replaced..

i wish there was a way to fix the board itself.. I've heard there are services out there that do it..i wonder how..


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