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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro SK17i comes with a 3'' screen, a slide-out keyboard and a replaceable battery. Released in August of 2011.

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Backspace is too sensitive :-(

My primary situation:

The keyboard is generally working fine but the backspace only needs a fine touch not a complete depress. That means that it will delete half a line in no time when touched. It is placed slightly lower than the rest of the keys but it still has the "click"-sound and -feeling like the rest of the keyboard.

I got the phone in dec. 2011 and it has been used moderately since then. I'm not a heavy text'er or anything like that.

My question (for a solution):

The SK17i tear down does not fully show the parts of the keyboard. Is there a rubber mat between the keyboards outer skin and the contacts?

Is the contruction similar to that of a remote control?

Will I need a whole new keyboard (it's danish)?

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Jesper if you are referring to the "domesheet", yes it does have one. You can replace the domesheet, but it sounds like you are needing a new keypad.

Block Image

Block Image

The keypad is on the back side of the main board. The domesheet lays over it.

Block Image

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What is the PCB shown at the bottom photo?

It could be difficult to find a danish keyboard... :-/


I attached an image to the original answer to show that it is the backside of your main board. I did a quick (very quick ;) search and only found a QWERTY keyboard on ebay. A danish one may require a bit more of a search.


Danish keyboards have QWERTY-layout too, but we have some extra letters (æøå)... :-)

So I will need a new main board?


A new keyboard should work and is probably easier (not meaning easy) than the board. You could try and disassemble it and take a look and see if you can isolate the problem.


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I have the same problem with my Xperia Mini Pro, "d" letter in little touch is written cycled again and again. Broken was the dome sheet under keyboard. I have replaced firstly keypad, but all was bad as before, after changing dome sheet is all working now fine :-)

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