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The WiLife Security Camera System was developed and sold by WiLife, Inc. This system was originally called LukWerks. Wilife was acquired by Logitech Corp in November 2007. The system name was changed to WiLife. In September 2010, Logitech discontinued support and production of the WiLife Security Camera System.

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after I did your cap replacement

after the fix the cam worked for about 4-5min's then flashed on and off. if I let it cool down for 15 min's it starts to work again then stops

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Definitely sounds like a heat issue. which guide did you use and which cap did you replace and what replacements did you use?


Morning… I changed the (4) 1000mf 10v to 25v like in the instructions, I’ve tried to cool different parts which sometimes gets the camera to kick on again only for a few min’s.



martin, not quite sure where you found the instructions at:-) If you could let me know, that would be great


Excellent guide. Would you mind a couple more questions etc.? Can you post images from your repair on here? Use this guide to add those Ajout d'images à une réponse existante Have you tried to keep the camera open and use a fan to try to cool it down and see if it stays on longer?


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martin, the way I would proceed is to replace the caps with 1000uF 25V radial caps rated at at least 105deg. C. Something like this should work. The diameter on those is only 10mm, so it will give you back some real estate :-) There are also 1000uF 35V caps that have the same diameter, but they are a bit harder to come by. A search on or should help you find those, even so the 35V is a bit unnecessary. Since you seem to have space issues on the board with the bigger caps, it is okay to bend them somewhat. Just make sure that they are soldered properly so as to not create fractured solder joints when bending. Place some thin heat shrink insulators on the legs of the caps so that they do not touch each other. Right now it is possible that you either have a cold/fractured solder joint,a cap that fails due to poor temp control since there is no heatsink. Hope this helps, good luck.

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OK thank you very much!


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