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A tablet developed by HP in 2011 running the webOS platform. Boasts a 9.7" display, and is available in 16 or 32 GB. Repair is straightforward, but requires time and persistence.

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My HP TouchPad wont start

My HP TouchPad wont start when I put in to charge it's just come up question mark(?)on the screen. Can any one help me please

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fazanush, try a forced restart first. Check on here to see how it is done. You also want to make sure that the battery charger is properly seated. Twist the cap, and twist it back until it snaps into place. If the cap is removed, place the cap back to its base and make sure it properly aligned back to the base. you also want to check if it is still under warranty. Apparently there are some battery issues with the Touchpad. Hope this helps, good luck

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