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add internal iSight camera to PowerBook G4

Can I add an internal iSight camera from iMac G5 to my PB G4?

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Well you can do it if you're technically inclined. First you have to find the iMac G5 iSight pins out. There are 4 USB pins to identify.

1- USB D+

2- USB D-

3- USB VCC (+5VDC)


There are two problems that have to be resolved. The iSight camera assy insertion in the PB display (can't install it in the display top center because of the latch) and the USB connection to the logic board.

Since the iSight camera is very small there must be a way to install it at the left or right side of the latch and let the USB cable run in the display thru the hinge to reach the logic board. You'll have to do a round hole in the PB display bezel for the camera lens and a small one for the diode lamp.

Now you need to find a USB connection to the logic board. If you don't want to lose one of your USB port you can use the bluethoot socket to connect the camera. The bluethoot card in your PB is a USB device so the logic board socket can be used to feed the iSight. You'll have to find the bluethoot socket pins out values to connect the iSight. I would use the bluethoot cable & connector attached to the iSight camera cable to connect to the bluethoot socket so the logic board would not be physically modified.

I don't know if your OSX software has the iSight drivers already installed but if you have the Photo Booth app in your Applications folder then you should see the iSight signal if the USB connection is well established.

The iSight assy also has a microphone output that can be connected or not with modifications. Since your PB already has a integrated microphone then no need to connect the iSight audio.

Here's another iFixit thread about a iSight project but the OP don't use the bluethoot feed.

Pinout of the iMac's built in iSight..

Finally, if you think the project is too complex for your electronic knowledge you may buy this web cam ($30 on ebay) that works very well with any Macs running OSX and using USB 2.0 technology.

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Hi! No, unfortunately this is not possible. Your best bet is to buy a cheap USB webcam and clamp it to the top of the screen so that it functions similarly to an iSight.

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