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Is there any hope?

I went to a paint party and when I took my phone out of my bag, I realized that the water paint got in it I tried turning it off because It was on and was really hot and the flashlight was on, Idk why..when I carried it to the phone store they cleaned the water and paint out of it and then they told me the motherboard is fried, so it won't turn on. a month after the incident I plugged in my phone and it started up but it stayed on the apple logo for about 10 minutes then turned back off, when I tried turning it on a second time It came up and displayed a little message at the top like a code in fine print..Is there any hope of it working? or what should I do???

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Kiefer Weir, that little fine print could have been your boot loader. Anyhow, it all depends what "is fried" on your motherboard. How did they clean the board? I would at least tr and thouroughly clean the board with multiple washer of isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. By now you may also show plenty of corrosion on the board, so take a good look at all the components. Look for any charred, burned, corroded or missing components. Replace the battery and see what you get once you have all this accomplished. Use this guide to clean your phone. It was written for a 3G but all the points are still pertinent to your phone. Hope this helps, good luck.

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it said something about the driver and fried means like..the water shocked the circuits when I tried to turn it on


Kiefer Weir, thank you for accepting my answer. I did get the "fried" part :-) I was looking about something a bit more specific about what has fried :-))

par <--look at that picture please..this is what it's showing now and it stays on that screen for as long until it shuts off


Stuck at the bootloader. Lets see what we can find out about it...


ok let me know if you find something


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