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Model M8407 / 550 or 667 MHz G4 processor

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How can I verify if the cooling fan works?

I recently installed a motherboard in my 667 Onyx.

When the fan ran on the old board it was loud enough to hear. This one I can't tell if the faint sound is just the HD spin or a quieter fan. Does the fan always run or only when it gets hot enough? I sure would like to not tear the Onyx down again.

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You can get this Fan Control software to do the job:

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+ Ralph


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This a thanx and a comment to Mr. Mayer.

I almost bought the Fan Control software as you suggested. But the price is confusing, $9.99 or 14.99?

Anyway, I took one last shot at activating the fan. I took an 8X10 jpg and Photoshopped the resolution up to 1600 dpi. In less than a minute the fan kicked in with an audible spin.

I am going to download the Fan Control utility.

Thanx again.


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I hope you have luck with the G4FanControl. I used it just fine on a 1.67ghz Alum. PowerBook G4, won't work on any DVI, or ANY Titanium model I know of. I've seen other complaints about Fabrizi's "G4FanControl" not working on Titanium models. For that matter, her official site has complaints, just read ALL the testimonials.

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