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Screen divided in 4 sections

I have a macbook pro that the screen is separated into 4 equal sections..all display the same image, and mouse functionalities at the same time...does anyone knows why? or how to fix that problem?

If I connect it to a external monitor everything is ok.

See the picture

Block Image

Thank you

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2 solutions

This is very uncommon problem. I think it's can happen unknow settings.

Which you have buy you don't know. You can try this site Solve Your Every Day IT Related Issue

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I don't think it's a settings related, because if I startup the mac from an external disk the same happen.


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The four displays showing on the screen are Start uo icons.Do the four displays change to four normal displays with tool bar at the top of each one? If so move your cursor to HELP, type in MISSION CONTROL, here you should find a way via your keyboard to eliminate the four dispalys and revert back to one.

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