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How can I realize which part is broken?

I droped coffe on my iPod.

My iPod classic 80GB has red x.

so I want to replace HDD and If i can i want to

upgrade my ipod classic 6th 80GB to 160GB.

How can i realize which part is broken?

I tried Diagnostic Mode.

so SDRAM FULL TEST said plug in FW to start No Power supply.

SRAM said Test Pass.

Harddrive test said can't open HDD.

Could it Hard disk problem?

Is there any possibilites?

Is there a possibility of Logic boad problem?

I'll buy

HDD (mk1626gcb or HS161JQ)

160Gb's back cover

160GB HDD connector

iPod Classic 160GB thick Back Cover (with headphone jack and USB dock assembled)

160GB HDD connector cable

iPod Classic 160GB Battery

Is it enough?


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When i opened iPod, It looks no flooded.


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koji, the "classic 80GB has red x." is usually caused by a bad hard drive. Take a look at the hard drive connector and the HDD cable, for any damage. The best way to determine this would be by placing your iPod into disk mode and see if your computer can find and access it. Right now it does look like a bad hard drive. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for answering my answer oldturkey03. I tried disk mode many time. but i couldn't enter disk mode.


Sure sounds like a bad hard drive. Thank you for accepting my answer.


Thanks very much!! I'll buy MK1626GCB.

I'll try it!!

I wish Logic boad dosen't have problem.


I searched about iPod classic 6th 80GB upgrade.

so i found that could I then put the 160gb hard drive in my 6th generation? Would it only read 128gb max?

can't my iPod read 160GB?


It should read it for as long as it is a drive that has the right connector and the right interface.


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