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Why is battery capacity not replaced?


I just followed your guide to replace the battery. After looking in the system report I saw that the loading cycles are reset but not the capacity. Its still the number from the old battery. After charging until 100 % in charge remaining there was the same number as in full charge capacity. When taking out the magSafe the percentage immediately jumped down to 85 %.

I tried SMC reset already.

What can I do to see 4680 mAh written in in "Full Charge Capacity"?

Thanks in advance..

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I also change my battery in my Iphone 4, and I have the same issu about the new one, nothing change and when I connect the iphone for the first charge it show the percentage as the old one.


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Download and run Coconut Battery to see if you get the same information:

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I did. Same stuff. I start to believe that the battery might be junk :(


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