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Temperatures are unequal and high under load

I have made a few modifications to my Macbook Pro such as 16GB RAM DDR3 1333Mhz and have installed a Silverstone TS08 ODD conversion tray so that I can install two drives instead of one. The TS08 tray is light and made out of plastic and it currently houses my Seagate 500GB 5400RPM HDD and the other drive my primary drive is a Corsair GT 240GB SSD. I have already re applied thermal paste on the heat sink.

The problem I have is that the right side of my Macbook that houses my drives remains cool even under load and the left side gets too hot under load.

This gives unequal distribution of temperatures inside my Macbook and would like to know how to solve it? Can I install better fans if there are any? Can a 15" Retina Macbook fan be installed? Are there any mods I can make? If I ask a cutting company to make ventilation holes in the bottom lower case, where should I make the holes? How large do they need to be? Can I somehow transfer some heat by applying thermal paste to a strip of copper or nickel on both sides which will then be attached to the heat sink and bottom case in order to dissipate heat? Are there better aftermarket solutions? Is there such thing as water cooling or vapor chamber tech or equipment for laptops / macbooks? Any mods you can suggest?

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The usefulness of a laptop is portability. Water coolers nix that. There are Ice pads & lap top fan stands designed for that will go much towards cooling. But they too interfere with the portability of the device.

I would not drill/cut holes - that would really mess up the convection pattern inside the lap top and make it worse (you see the results of the mods you made -).

Look it's only logical that the side of the machine filled with the board and CPUs will be hotter than the side tilled with nothing.

If you're going to give up your portability and use it as a dock you could loosen or put spacers under the top case keyboard, creating vents. Use a USB or Wireless Keyboard and force a steady stream of cool low pressure air through the device from the back.

You could cobble up a "vent" that would attach to a low speed external fan - run air through a narrowing tube/hose and direct it to/through the back slots and let the hot air rise through the edges of the top case.

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