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Also known as the LG Splendor, an incarnation of the LG Optimus L7, sometimes known as the LG Snapshot or Swift L7 under the model numbers US730 and LG730 depending on carrier.

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How Do I install a LG730 LCD Display Screen?

I just replaced my screen on my LG730, now I am waiting for my new LCD screen to arrive. I am wondering, how do I install it? I have a rough idea, but never had to do it before. I spent time on the internet and could not find much. Does anyone have advice?

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Well I should have clarified. I Replaced the touch screen, which had a few spider web cracks in it. I also damaged the LCD screen, I do not know how to Take out, and put in the new LCD screen, at least with out damaging anything.


Oh nevermind, I did a little tinkering around, and got it all situated, thanks for the help though man, I'll accent your answer.


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Zack Borgen, I am a bit confused. You said that you replaced the screen, but now you are wondering how to install it. Did you check my answer from here:"

Take apart the battery cover using notch below

Block Image

Take apart the battery and remove screw (12 point)

Block Image

1. Unfastening the hook, make gap between Rear Cover and Front Cover

2. Widen the gap between Rear Cover and Front Cover and hook off starting from below side (back view)

Block Image

1. Take connectors & Side Key FPCB (1~9) out of the Main PCB

2. Widen the gap between Front cover and main PCB

Block Image

3. Remover the Bracket Camera to upper

Block Image

1. Unfastening the hook from below side, sh back side of LCD through a hole on back side of Front cover

2. Take apart Frame out of Front cover

Block Image

1. Lift LCD from the frame & Take off the LCD.

2. Be careful. Do not tear the LCD FPCB

Block Image

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I'll take another look at my LCD, but it does not just come off like the instructions show. So I'm sure I'm reading something wrong


Thank you for accepting my answer. If you need to take a look at the manual, let me know. My email address is in my profile.


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