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Why is my computer locked

My Mac book pro turned on but I can't use it.i believe its completely locked but not sure

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What makes you think it;s locked? A padlock on the screen?


it turns on but with a question mark.i took it to a computer tech nd they said i need a new mother board


My brother put a password on it and he forgot it now they said it locked itself


If it was a password problem you would see a locked padlock icon at boot with a space to enter the password. If you are the original owner you could contact Apple with and they can help you.


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A new HD possibly - other problems. The flashing "?" or a "?" in a folder means "no boot volume (operating system folder) found". Generally this means you need a new HD.

You should be able to boot from optical media or an external HD with an version of OS x up to 10.6.8 on it. Your replacement drive can not be a new 3-6GB/s SATA II or III but must be 1.5GB/s SATA (or backward compatible to SATA I).

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