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Troubleshoot and repair your music players from the early 2000s.

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Computer does not recognize OPPO S11 MP4 PLAYER

My computer does not recognize my mp4 player as an external drive, so I am unable to add or delete songs and photos. The player plays music and photos OK. However all that happens when I plug it into my computer via the usb cable, (mini usb male to standard usb male) is that it proceeds to charge the unit. Any help would be great! Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Paul.

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It sounds like you might need to install the mp4 players drivers. Most electronics are plug-n-play which allows them to automatically install their drivers to a computer when first connected. However, some do not do this and are most likely sold with a CD that contains the drivers needed. If you don’t have the CD that came with it then you can do a google search for the drivers website.

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