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Aussi connu sous le nom d'Inspiron Mini 10, c'est un Notebook léger, fabriqué par Dell.

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Displays only when external VGA monitor is connected.

The laptop displays on its MONITOR only when an external VGA monitor is connected. Otherwise, it emits 8 beeps, waits for about then 8 beeps again after about 3 seconds.

On its display, it shows a blinking cursor while beeping.

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Before i diagnose this, I need a little more clarity.

1. Does the laptop display work when the external display is connected.

2. Do the beep codes sound like they are grouped in a sequence or is it doing 8 consecutive beeps and then just stopping.

3. Do you see the BIOS splash screen before the blinking cursor shows up, and by it's display do you mean the internal or external display.



I did as you suggested (that I press "D" and then power on the Laptop). This is what I got.

The Laptop displays solid colours in the following pattern: white-red-green-blue-(blank). It does this pattern twice(2x) then remains blank. This solid colours are shows whether or not the external display is connected. And no beeps are heard during the solid colour display.


So they are being displayed on your LCD screen (external monitor disconnected)?





So if your internal LCD displays those colors etc and an external monitor works as well, that means your LCD is ok and your video card is ok. Check/replace the LVDS cable.


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mmachofa, eight beeps means it is a display/LCD failure. Since your computer works with an external, you already know it's not a video card error. Try to hold down the "D" key and power the laptop on. If you get solid colors on the screen, then you know the LCD is working as well, then check for a problem with the LVDS cable. If you do not get anything on your screen, it may be time to replace the LCD. Hope this helps, good luck.

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You are in quite and interesting predicament. It is already unusual for a laptop to run dual display at the BIOS (dual display usually initializes once the operating system starts). The beeps do usually indicate a display problem is present, but I do believe that oldturkey03 is on to something. The first thing I would try is reconnecting the cable that connects the LCD display to the motherboard. It is possible that it something has come loose in the laptop and is causing it to ground out the system. Good luck!

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1. Yes! When external display is connected to the laptop, both the

external and the laptop's own display work. That is the same display

is seen on the two(2) monitors.

2. The beeps are 8 consecutive beeps, then a 3 second pause, then 8

consecutive beeps , then 3 second pause. This pattern goes on and on.

3. No. The screen goes straight into the blinking cursor mode i.e. no

splash screen.

The Laptop's own display is the laptop's inbuilt monitor. (see 1 above).


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