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Wireless router released October 2007, model number is WGR614v9.

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router is not responding

problem : router's wifi status light is on but no wifi signal.

2. Can not connect to router via LAN cable also, on lan serup mode , page not available. On ipconfig, device ip : but default gateway ip is missing .

3. Ping to is not working

4. Router stopped working after i tried setting it in repeater mode(as acess point to my root dlink router)

Reset to default factory mode is not working.

pls help. Thanks

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The Netgear switches come equipped with the latest age Wi-Fi 6 development, which has recently shown up and shown to move the Wi-Fi execution and Wi-Fi affiliation security for all your contraptions by up to different occasions. For extra nuances, visit the web address


On the Netgear Genie application, you need to sign in to your Netgear switch by entering the Netgear switch login chairman secret key that is your login executive mystery key and along these lines tapping on the LOGIN button. Coming about to executing every movement alluded to on the site the distant permission to the Netgear switch is then empowered.


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Most of these must be accessed via Ethernet cable to set up - so set it up next to your computer. Factory reset should work, go over the directions again. Configuring two routers (or more) on a network is advanced networking. If possible (don't need wireless) a simple Ethernet Hub is easier to configure.

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thanks for response...

All hope was on factory reset... seems it is not working...

I tried holding it for 20-30 secs... and did it multiple times...

is there any other way can solve this problem.....


There are five steps follow them all. Also you will find several other useful links at the bottom of the linked page. - For future reference you posted a comment in the place where only Answers belong. Please use the Add Comment link, or update your Question.


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When your router is not working there can be several reasons behind this problem:

1. Physical Connection Problem.

2. Internet Connection Problem.

Before doing any troubleshooting steps into your computer, you need to make sure that you are getting internet on your modem. so you need to connect your modem directly to the router and try to access the internet. if you can access the internet from your modem, but can't access the internet from your router. i will suggest you to visit : why my netgear router has stopped working

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If it doesn’t fix the netgear router blinking orange problem, you should follow the instructions given below.

1.      Check the cable connection between router and computer, make sure your modem and computer is working completely fine. There is no issues related to the internet or modem.

2.      Let’s check the cable health. Make sure your cable is working completely fine. If there are any issues with the cable, you should replace the cable.

3.      Check the router settings and modem settings, make sure you have setup your router with the correct settings, if you don’t find the correct settings on your router. You need to reset the router, and reconfigure the router.

4.      Let’s change the pppoe connection password; you can do this by calling your isp provider. They will reset it for you.

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You can try by resetting your router and re-configure it again. Please note that your all saved setting shall gone once you have done hard reset so i would suggest if your using ADSL then get your PPPoE account setting from your ISP first and then do this.

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When your netgear router is not working and giving you flashing amber light. you should check the following things.

  1. Check the internet connection on your router and modem. make sure they both are connected properly.
  2. Power cycle the modem and router. wait for one minute and then try to access the internet.
  3. If you still get the orange light on netgear router. you need to factory restore your router and wait for one minute and then reconfigure rit.

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If your router is not working then reset your router because the router rest is the ultimate solution to all problem

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Netgear Router Not Working

The troubleshooting process can be started once you enter the right password.

Check the WiFi Connection

Update the Web Browser

what if the *** admin password***does not work for you?

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