Startup screen locks w/ spinning wheel, white screen on A1260

Recently my computer went crazy and my screen locked up while watching a video. It was extremely difficult to find the mouse cursor, but I was eventually able to properly shut down my computer. After trying to startup afterwards, I got to the white screen with the Apple logo and the spinning wheel. After a few moments, the spinning wheel stopped spinning.

After researching a bit on (love it, by the way), I found that it was more than likely a hard drive issue. I replaced the hard drive (thanks again, ifixit), inserted the OSX installation disk and rebooted. I got the white screen, but no Apple logo OR spinning wheel. It eventually popped up with a note saying that I needed to restart. This has now become a sick, vicious cycle!

Any ideas? Thanks!

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First disconnect the hard drive and see if it will boot from the DVD. Let us know your results.

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Ok, so I was mistaken. With the installation disk in the drive and the harddrive still connected, after booting up, I still get the Apple logo and spinning wheel. After a few minutes, a message pops up telling me that I need to power off and restart my computer. Now, after removing the hard drive, I get the same response...White screen, Apple logo, spinning wheel, and power off message. I need some help!!

P.S. I did get the option to select the Mac OSX install DVD at boot-up in all scenarios.


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