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An affordable Windows phone by Nokia, released April 2013.

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My screen is cracked

how much to repair screen

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The simplest way to repair the glass is to buy the digitizer+frame assembly. Search "Nokia Lumia 520 digitizer with frame" on the eBay. You can get it from ~20$.

You can then follow this guide.

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If you dont want to pay someone to change it like NOKIA customer service you can buy a screen on the internet and a digitizer if your digitizer is broken. The price on a Lumia 520 screen is about 50 usd from some websites on the internet.

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I had the same issue .i found a lot of screens @ Ebay and amazone .but when i checked with service centre thay said .Nokia wont sell any genuine products through any other vendors and its only available at Nokia Care ,,for me it took 3400 INR (Indian Rupee)

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