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Model A1311 / Mid 2011 / 2.5 & 2.7 GHz Core i5 or 2.8 GHz Core i7 Processor

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iMac Intel EMC 2428 won't start even after replacing power supply

I Installed a new power supply in my iMac Intel EMC 2428 or A1311 and it still won't power on. Is there a way for me to turning on my mac using a screw driver and jump the pin in the motherboard?

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I don't recommend poking around with screwdrivers.


Can you tell us what the symptoms are in why you replaced the power supply and what your system is doing now with the new one. Is it reacting the same? Are the fans running and is the diagnostic LED lit? And beeps or bong sounds?


I was online using surfing the net and the iMac just shutdown and won't start since. I replaced the power supply because i had a technician check it and he said it was a power supply issues but the fan doesn't run, it makes no sounds, i see no LED lit, no beeps, etc. But i remember you can start a computer by touching the pin on the motherboard. What do you suggest? And Thank you so much for replying to my problem.


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OK, lets start at the outlet your system is plugged into at the wall plate. Double check with a lamp is the outlet good? Then try plugging into the surge/power strip is the light lighting? If we get to that point we know we have power ;-} If you have a service tester (a little device you plug in with lights) you might want to checkout your ground and the polarity of the outlet. Outlet tester

Do you have a spare power cord that you can swap out? While Apple has a round rim a common IEC cord from a WinTel PC will do in a pinch. Otherwise with a Ohm meter you can check continuity of the cord (end to end) and with a DVM with care you can see if power is getting though. Remember you can get zapped here if you're not careful! While these two test can at least verify the cord works it don't prove the connections are good at the matting services of the plug or the socket where a spare cord can.

Now try pressing the power button and holding it a good minute you should hear the fan kick in if not the power supply is not working or the connections are not correct to the power supply or the logic board. Review steps 12 & 13 in the IFIXIT guide Power Supply Replacement.

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