Converting iPod HDD to Flash Storage - HELP NEEDED!

I have had much difficulty since trying this hack although it's been a lot of fun so far and Casey has been such a great help with advising me thus far!

I'm using an iPod 3rd Generation

128GB Komputer Bay 600mbs UHS1 SD card

CF Compact Flash to 50pin micro-IDE HDD Hard Disk Drive mini adapter

SD to CF adapter

I cannot seem to get this to work- I have been following Casey's instructions on Head-Fi but I'm getting stuck!!!!

After plugging the SD card into an external card reader on windows 7, I'm using the GUI version of FAT32 Formatter to format in FAT32.

I then plug the SD card back into the adapter and boot up the iPod. I get the Apple Logo followed by the Folder icon with exclamation. Windows gives me the "unrecognized usb device" notification- that's all.

At this point I reset the iPod as per Casey's instructions and boot into diagnostic mode... then from there I select USB disk. Nothing happens at this point. Sometimes the "unrecognized usb device" notification appears but that's all.

I have completely uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled iTunes 7.6 to see if this makes a difference but nothing works.

On Mac, Disk Utility doesn't see the iPod or the storage device. If I connect the SD card to the mac with an external reader, I can format in FAT but once I try connecting the iPod to be recognized, nothing happens.

Every tutorial I have read out there says it's as simple as replacing the drive, connecting it to iTunes (sometimes in Disk Mode) and restoring the iPod. But for some reason this just doesn't want to work.

I have tried different iPod HDD cables but nothing changes.

I was wondering if maybe I have purchased the wrong CF to IDE adapter as this one is a 50 pin where is I have been reading that you actually need 44 pin such as this one here

When the CF to IDE adapter is connected to the iPod HDD cable, there is 6 open female connections at the end

Does anyone think this has something to do with the issue I'm experiencing???

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I swear that once I have successfully completed this project, I'm going to create a definitive guide so people in the future like me can create something like this and not have to struggle through it.

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