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La version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Air d'Apple, numéro de modèle A1474. Disponible en gris sidéral ou argent, il emploie le processeur A7 personnalisé et est livré dans des configurations 16, 32, 64 et 128 Go.

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Shifted smart cover magnets, easy fix?

It seems like the upper right smart cover magnet in my iPad air has shifted and is no longer functional.

I used to hear little clicks from my iPad Air whenever closing the Smart Cover or opening it so it wraps all the way around.

I eventually figured out that it was a magnet meant to hold the smart cover clicking when moving around inside the case.

After opening and closing the case several times, it seems the upper right magnet (near the camera) has shifted significantly enough to keep it from holding the smart cover in place while open and wrapped around.

The real issue, however, is that when closed, the rightmost part of the cover simply hovers above the panel!

The magnet must have flipped itself upside down.

No amount of messing about with the cover seems to get the magnet to shift again.

This isn't an issue justifying arduously opening the glued together panel in my opinion, so I wanted to know if there is any other way of repairing this?

I thought about taking a larger magnet and trying to shift the panel magnet back into place, but I'm worried about harming the electronics.

Any ideas?

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2 solutions

If it's an iPad Air it's under warranty you should take it back to Apple for a replacement.

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Would if I could.

I don't reside in the US...

I've contacted the retailer from which I bought it but I don't expect that they'll be too helpful... Which is why I'm seeking an easy fix, if one exists

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