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A 3.6 V screwdriver powered by Black and Decker. Repair requires only common tools.

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reinsert clip in 9074 screwdriver

How do I put the clip holding the transmission to the body back in the screwdriver? It seems to get "stuck" 3/4 of the way in and I'm uncertain how much force I should use to put it back in.

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tonystark622, if we are talking about the clip shown in step 2 of this guide, it should be relatively easy to reinsert it. The clip is slightly bend on the ends and if the transmission and the body do not line up, it will not go in all the way down. Should it be lined up, then you really should only have to push a bit harder. Make sure there is no obstruction and that the holes line up. Hope this helps, good luuck

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That was it... I got it most of the way in, turned the screwdriver body so that the clip was down and gently pushed the body of the screwdriver down... and wiggled the clip... it went right in.

Thanks for your help!



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