Error code: 4sns/1/40000000: tgod-85.500

While using Windows 7 via bootcamp the operating system suddenly slowed down and I was unable to navigate, open or close windows and restart the machine. The cursor could move about on the screen but when selecting the start button or an already opened window the operating system would freeze.

I thought this the problem was due to a virus but Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes returned no threats.

The notification bar indicated an icon of a white flag and when selecting it I was notified that the video card driver needed to be installed.

I booted into Apple OS and Apple OS functions normal but when performing a hardware test the hardware test indicated an error: 4SNS/1/40000000: TGOD-85.500

I'm thinking a thermal sensor is bad, or simply needed to be reseated with thermal paste. I'm disassembling the machine but was curious which thermal sensor it might be?

Note: I will include additional images of the Windows 7 error and any other findings for reference.

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You are on the right track - see this Error code -4SNS/1/40000000:TCOD Cooling Fan Issue?.

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Thanks for mentioning the "Error code -4SNS/1/40000000:TCOD Cooling Fan Issue?" thread.

The macbook was disassembled, all parts were separated and some large amounts of dust were removed from the fan grilles. This was a lot of dust! All parts were cleaned using a dry synthetic water-color brush (for dusting) and isopropyl alcohol. Synthetic water-color brushes work great because their bristles are soft and won't harm components on the board.

I removed and cleaned the old thermal paste, then reassembled the cooling system and logic board with new arctic silver thermal paste. All parts were securely reconnected but when booting up the machine I'm still seeing a Windows error code and Windows still can't function normally. I noticed when I booted Windows into safe mode everything seemed fine, but when booting into Windows normally I can hear an unusual sound from the hard disk. This makes me wonder if the Windows disk partition was damaged and has caused a Windows registry or file corruption.


After performing another hardware test the short hardware test returned no results but the extended version returned error 4SNS/1/40000000:TGOD-86.000. Apple OS still operates fine and Windows was able to boot but the OS still seemed sluggish. I performed a Windows disk check which scanned the C: drive but Windows is still taking a while to boot and run. My guess is this is a Windows OS error with no relationship to the Apple hardware tests. At this time I'm using Apple OS to reply and upload images and Apple OS seems fine.


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