Why is my Backlight not coming up after small spill?

I spilled a little tea on my keyboard. But I had a keyboard cover so I immediately ripped the cover off, cleaned it, shut my laptop down, and let it sit for 2 days. I opened it up took the board out and cleaned it with some rubbing alcohol. I tried booting it up and the apple start up screen comes up then it goes black. But anytime I turn it on after that it stays black but It makes the boot up sound and everything else is running fine. My keyboard lighting button works and they all light up.

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In cleaning, or before, the controller/fuse for the backlight may have been damaged. It's possible your reassembly left a lose connection on the LVDs cable.

Only examination by you for burned/swollen components or misaligned connectors might identify which is the cause.

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I looked at some pictures and videos about dis-assembly and reassembly to make sure I got everything right. The cords look the same as the ones in the pictures and videos. Nothing looks burned or swollen. How would I go about checking the controller/fuse for the back light?


I just dis-assembled it again and looked at everything to make sure. Reassembled and held down Cmd+opt+p+r to reset the PRAM. It came on and everything worked fine, like normal. Then I went to try a shut down to see if it would work again, the screen went black. Now on start up it is back at the original problem.


Then your problem might be OS related. Some machines get white/black screens when there's problems with the OS or the HD. Try booting from a different source (maybe the Repair partition) or install disk. If that's ok run diagnostics on your HD or do a clean instal of the OS.


I restarted my laptop in OS X recovery and am currently restoring it from a time capsule. Will update with results.


It got up to 96% then the screen went black and it restarted. It booted up with a black screen and I'm back at my original problem. So I don't know if it finished the time capsule restore and that didn't fix it. Or if it shut down before it finished and I'd have to do it again.


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