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The first of the new generation Nokia devices – the first with a 1080p screen, the first with a quad-core Krait processor

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Screen is cracked, how do I stop bing search from randomly opening?

I recently cracked my phone's screen so now my phone has become overtly sensitive to touch, especially around the bottom 3 buttons (back,home,search)

It will frequently attempt to do a "bing Search" as though the button had been pressed but will leave the bing page unusable (no touch response) and will disable the 3 buttons, stoping me from using "back" or "home" to exit the bing search screen.

Also, it will sometimes try to 'swipe' to the app list page (without my command) and then get stuck flickering between the main home screen and app list, until I press the power button on the side.

I've tried both a 'soft' and 'hard' reset with no luck at fixing the issue,

Is there a way to disable this Bing search button? or are there guides for replacing the digitizer & LCD available?

thank you,


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Bruce, here is a video that follows the service manual. To fix your Bing error, you will need to replace the display assembly. If you are more of a reader, get the service manual on this page. Scroll down to service documents and click on the blue link. that will download the manual. This will show you how to properly disassemble your phone to make the necessary repairs. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I have not found a guide for this exact model, but many of the Nokia products are constructed similarly. I would recommend watching a few different ones on YouTube and then deciding if this is something that you feel comfortable tackling.

Good luck!

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