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The Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5084 is a mid-cost laptop that is a part of the Toshiba Satellite C650 series. The C655D-S5084 is a customized version of the base model.

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need new ac adapter/power supply. What is the tip diameter?

I need to purchase a new ac adapter/power supply. I do not have one to look at, so I'm lost as to which adapter will be compatible. How do I find the tip diameter that fits my laptop?

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sharon, you'll need a

100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz

DC output voltage 19V

DC output current 3.42A

Power 65W

Connector size 5.5 O.D. x 2.5 I.D mm AC adapter. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Toshiba AC Adapter (75W / 3pin / 15V / 5A)


Universal AC Adaptor to power your notebook through your home, or office electric socket.

Toshiba's Universal AC Adaptor can be used anywhere in the world with the appropriate power cord. Same quality, reliability, and specification as the original Toshiba AC Adaptor included with your laptop.

Dimensions (W x H xD) 128(W) x 51 (H) x 30 (D) mm

Input Voltage 100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz (Universal)

Output Voltage 75W (15V x 5A)

Weight 355 g

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asus atheros/ar5b125 laptop what type of ac adaptor do i need to buy

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