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Deuxième génération de l'iPhone. Modèle A1241 / capacité de 8 ou 16 Go / coque arrière noire ou blanche. La réparation est plus simple que pour l'iPhone de première génération et nécessite des tournevis, des outils pour faire levier et une ventouse.

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I Broke My Motherboard, Now What do I Do?

My first problem is that my #3 connector did not have the usual lift type connector. My #3 flat cable passed thru the small plastic cover and a tiny piece of tape was installed on the portion that came out the bottom of the cover. I completed a battery replacement and after putting it all back together - nothing worked. I repeated this several times and finally thought maybe the #3 connector was a lift type. It was all black but I tried ever so gently to lift it and it broke like fiber of glass. 60-70% of it broke away. Next, in trying to get it all back together again, I looked down an saw the little brass tab, normally attached to the lowest right side of the main board sitting on the desk. It separated at the soldier joint and just fell off. It didn't seem to be connected to anything. I am guessing it is just a means of better keeping it centered in the frame. I started over one more time and made sure to hook everything (I still could) right. Now it won't power up at all...

Needless to say, I give up... What can I do to get it fixed and/or where can I send it for this type of repair??

Here are the parts in question:

Block Image

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The little brass tab is there to connect the board to the frame/chassis. It may be an additional earth point or perhaps something to do with the antenna....?? It is possible your phone will not function without it, but it may. You could try soldering it back on.

The main issue is the connector being damaged. To replace the connector will require specialist tools and SMD rework experience.

If the ribbon cable that pushes in only has contacts on one side then you may be able to simply push it in and use something like a small sliver of plastic to push the cable onto the contacts in the connector and then hold it in place with some form of tape.

FWIW the white release tab is on the side opposite where the cable pushes in according to THIS picture from the iFixit guide

If you can post a good picture of the damaged connector perhaps I can offer additional advice.

Alternately, replacing the main board may be the only solution

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Hey Brett,

That brass pin is just a grounding the board, it is not that important and the phone will work either way. The #3 connector should be replaced, and it would need to be desoldered and a new one soldered on. This isnt a typical repair, and Ive had to repair many for people that tried to do it themselves. Lifted solder pads and melted components cannot always be repaired, so be careful if you plan to do it yourself.


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