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HP Compaq model dx2000MT desktop personal computer.

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pick up speed for hp desktop dx2000MT

please advise what to do in order to speed my PC HPcompaq dx200MT betambah,, thank you

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Here are some general tips on how you can speed up your computer!

  1. Make sure all updates are current on your computer helps a lot
  2. go to your control panel and select the option to clear up disk space
  3. either search in your Start menu or in your control panel for ms.config and deselect all programs you don't need upon start up. you can find out crucial programs you need at
  4. fix any possible registry issues. this can be done at
  5. uninstall any programs you no longer need on your deskstop
  6. defrag your computer in your control panel
  7. run anti-virus, anti-spyware, malware, ad-ware programs that help get rid of all virus's and other issues that may have found its way to your desktop
  8. in your My Computer, right click on the drives and select properties> tools> error checking> fix errors.
  9. next you may want to upgrade your RAM. To do this you can go to here you'll find an excellent article that makes it easy and smooth for all your RAM upgrading needs.
  10. once everything is said and done, create a restore point so you can revert back to the basics should anything bad happen to your computer that can be easily prevented with this method.

Hope this helps! ~Gadget~

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