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The HTC Incredible 2, released April 28, 2011. Also known as the HTC DROID Incredible 2. Only available on Verizon Wireless network.

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Why won't my phone charge anymore?

The phone suddenly won't accept a charge anymore. It was working fine but now it's dead no matter how long it is charging. WHHHYYYY issss this HAPPENING?

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Isn't this question just an exact duplicate of the Question "How come the phone doesn't turn on after I charge it?" created at almost exactly the same time?


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William slope, it is not uncommon that this is caused by a part charging port or a bad battery. On this phone, the charging port sits on its on flex cable. Take a look at this video. It will show you how to change the battery as well as how to change the port. The part is available at places like this. Hope this helps, good luck.

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There are two possible causes for this. The most common is a faulty input port for the charger. This is a fairly common problem but easily fixed either by yourself or at a repair store. The other possibility is that the phone's battery is dead and CAN'T accept a charge anymore. This can be solved by simply replacing the battery.

Click here for more help: HTC Incredible 2 Troubleshooting

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@Jonathan Morsch, how do you change the charging port, or the battery? Sending somebody to a repair shop is not the best answer. It will help if you can show, or explain how to do the repair.


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