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Repair guides and support for the HTC EVO Design 4G, model PH44100. This is a four-inch Android smartphone released in 2011.

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Why are my pictures always blurred?

I have tried cleaning the eye piece, but the images still appear blurred. I am careful not to move when taking the picture. I am not sure what is going on. Can something be wrong with my camera?

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2 solutions

Check your setting and make sure your focus can work normal. Also try to re-install the camera app. If deal with the software can't solve the problem, your camera may be have something wrong.

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One design issue with the 4G is that laying it LCD side up rests the camera glass down and thus you get scratches which make the image worse and worse. There are some ways to polish scratches out of glass *Like the LCD! I cleaned up a few scratched camera glass using tiny dabs of toothpaste and an old electric toothbrush followed by rubbing with papertowel etc. The 4G is still a great phone.

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