vibrate motor not working after screen change


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I replaced a customers 5S screen for the second time. The first time there was no issues. This time the vibrate motor wont work. I've opened it up on numerous occasions and checked everything is where it should be and it appears to be. The screen is from the same supplier. I am at a loss as to what this could be. anyone else experience this problem? The couple of things i could think it could be is that the oem screen isn't to the exact dimensions of the original screen and part of it is stopping the vibrate motor turning or something isn't making a connection ? any help/advice would be much appreciated


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Have you tested the vibrate before pushing the screen all the way in?

I'm having the same issue. The vibrate works up until I push the screen all the way into place. I


I figured it out. It turns out the the aftermarket screens have a plastic lip on the inside near the vibrate motor. And the motor hits it. If you look at your original apple screen you will see the difference


so do you just get another screen ? how do we solve this


How did you fix it weasel528? I have the same problem thank you


look at the hole in the screen next to the speaker assembly up top of the screen if you notice glue coming out of the little square area on the left clean it out with tweezers and this should correct your problem I ran into this issue as well and this was the solution for me.


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