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Model M5343 / 333 or 400 MHz G3 processor

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No source of power due to broken jack.

How difficult is it to replace the power jack on the G3's case? Someone tried to use another power adapter and broke the jack. I cannot charge the battery nor run the computer from the power adapter. Is there a replacement jack or is the jack part of an internal board?

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Hi, Strangely that connection is on the sound card. That means a lot of parts removal but none of it is difficult, and the part is fairly inexpensive. The Lombards and Pismos are the easiest Mac laptops to work on and a good place to gain experience. Good luck. Ralph

PowerBook G3 Lombard Sound Card Replacement

Here is the part from ifixit with a warranty.

[produit lié absent ou désactivé : IF131-003-1]

And here is the part from another dealer I use and trust.

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good answer. ++


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