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15" HP laptop with 2.60 GHz AMD Phenom II Dual-Core Mobile Processor.

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My fan is malfunctioning, how do I replace it?

My fan usually gets really hot, even when nothing is running on my computer. Also, when my desk gets bumped or knocked, the fan makes a god-awful noise and vibrates a lot until I restart my computer.

Does anyone have any tips in fixing this problem, if not how do I replace my fan?

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Chris, download the service manual from here. Page 73 of the manual will tell you exactly how to replace the fan. Make sure that you use new thermal paste and clean your laptops air vents properly. hope this helps, good luck.

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I've found that my laptop really overheats so I bought a Belkin laptop cooler cushion which you connect via a USB port. It has a cushioned side for your lap and hard durable surface for the device. It has an inbuilt cooling fan and really works well. It was around £30 from Amazon.

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