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Repair partition is not installing with 10.9.+

The last few hard drive replacements I have done on MacBook Pros and iMacs, by installing a formatted drive, booting the machine and downloading 10.9 have not installed the repair-restore partition. What am I doing wrong?


This installation was onto a 750 GB 2012 Apple hard drive from a 2012 15" MBP. It was in a MBP 13" Late 2011.

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Hi Mayer, can you elaborate on the question, I've done a lot of hard drive replacements , I think I might be able to help


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Here's the answer to this issue:

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Take a look at this link,

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I had a ethernet connection directly going to my router. I use a cable modem. Earlier Mavericks installations using this set up, on other Macs did install the partition.


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