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Fourth generation Samsung Android tablets. Released in April 2014.

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Where can I buy a digitizer for the galaxy tab 4 10.1?

I can't seem to find ANY digitizers for a repair I need to make on a friend's Galaxy Tab 4. I can only find digitizers up to the 3rd generation tablet. Are any of the models compatible in terms of the digitizer? Any help would be appreciated. The model is SM-T530NYKAXAR

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On ebay you can buy several digitizers.

Good luck replacing;)

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I found several digitizers, but they all ship out of China and have rather lengthy shipping times. Any idea where I can find them in the States so I can have at least 2-day shipping? It's a bit of a time-sensitive job.


US-only digitizers are a little expensive, but you can find them on ebay too, just put a checkmark in the box on the left;)


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