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A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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LG G2 Screen compatibily VS980 D800/2


The digitizer on my LG has broken and so I am now on the look for a replacement digitizer/whole screen.

However, I have the VS980 model number. Do all the G2 models have interchangable screens, or must i get the screen that specifically states it is compatible with the VS980 model, as many sellers simply only state its compatibility with the D800

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Pls, let someone help! My lg g2 vs980 digitizer has broken everywhere, which one do i use and where do i get it in NigeriaNigeria?


Update (long overdue):

The VS980 and D800 are different models and thus have different flex cables. If attempting to repair yourself, be sure to buy the correct screen for your particular model.

Also, separating the LCD from the glass/digitizer is not an easy task at all. Very high chance of damaging the LCD itself (as I learnt the hard way). But perhaps those more experienced (and with proper equipment/tools) may have better luck than I did.

I personally did not find it was necessary to purchase the frame as the ribbon cables simply just slide through designated slots on the frame assembly itself. The only advantage would be minor cosmetic benefits as only the edges are visible once the phone is reassembled.

Thank you for the responses. Hopefully this may help others who also encountered similar problems :)


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This is a great question! When replacing a LG G2 the only thing that truly matter is if the screen is on or off the frame. You can purchase the full screen assembly with out frame between $45-$65 and on the frame which then becomes model number specific and ranges between $55-$85. Ultimately i would get an assembly on the frame as it make for an easier and more finished repair.

Please mark this up if it helps or ask any question!

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I work in a cell phone repair shop and recently ran across this problem. The flex cables for the screens are different in size.

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Thank you. Also, how difficult is it to replace just the digitizer? i.e. is it possible?


It is possible to change the digitizer. The glass actually comes off quite easy but the digitizer is real easy to break being so thin and flexible. But on a flat surface some fishing wire and a heat gun you can do it with a little patcience. I have been repairing phones several years now and any questions you have feel free to ask as I may do the same


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I thought the LCD was the expensive, fragile piece....the glass is on top of the digitizer I thought. Please tell me if I'm mistaken. It surely more than 3 layers in the assembly....? But I also heard the whole called by any of its parts. I'd love to a see a side-on view with the layers labeled.......


@Carole from.what I recall, the LCD sits nicely into the frame and then is covered by the glass which also functions as the digitizer.

For the glass alone there is a single flex cable (which I assume is for recognition of touch). However, the actual sockets to which this ribbon cable attaches to varies between models. Therefore it is essential to get the digitizer for that particular model or it simply wouldn't work


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Can I change a lg g2 800 flex cable so my 802 lcd could work

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