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What screwdriver for opening MacBooks

hello iFixit,

i wanna buy a screwdriver but only the one who's used to open macbooks. So I'm asking here, is the Phillips #00 Screwdriver the correct one for macbook or am I wrong? Also, I need to know if iFixit sells screws for macbook because I lost most of mine when I opened my macbook.

thanks all!

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What are your intentions after you get the bottom case off? Or are you just trying to keep it on?


Friends often ask me to add or do some replacement of hard drive or memory for their macbook. the matter is, I have to borrow friend's screwdriver to do so. I cannot borrow theirs forever.

Thanks @LAS. yes, these are exactly what I was searching for. The screw set for macbook are quite expensive :/


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Which model of MacBook is it?

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it's the mid-2010 model


Macbook Pro Unibody Lower Case Screw Set

That are the right screws if you own a 13" or 15" model and this is the right screwdriver:

Phillips #00 Screwdriver

Hope I could help you, if so please score my answer. :-D


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