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Wifi Component is Missing

Block Image

i uploaded an edited 4s logic board

i saw mine that that part is missing,

thats why i have to sit next to the wifi router to receive signal.

i think that is related to my signal issue.

where can i find this missing part, is there any remedy for this? (jump, find that part in other devices except 4s because i dont have spare one, or the like)

please help me, i really want my signal back.

thank you.

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angdummy123, that is reference designator FL10_RF which is a 2.45GHZ-1.8DB Band pass filter in a 0805 package. A Murata LFB182G45SG9B740 should work. Check the datasheet right here. It is a readily available part on here. Check the datasheet for the dimension. To replace it you will need some good tools and definitely a steady hand and a good magnification source. If you are really talented and know how to solder very small pieces you can apply a jumper (I prefer not to), check the attached image. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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very fast answer.

you know im not really that techy guy

what will i tell to the technician? im from philippines, i dont know if that is available here.

is that common parts in electronic shop or just for apple?

(is there any reputation button here? to thank those who are helpful?)


It is a pretty common part, that is why I listed the component by manufacturer. I do not know where to get it in the Philippines, but check by using the Murata number.


i see, can you tell a specific device that has this part? maybe i have one, like nokia n97, or any laptops, i have many spare parts here except iphone 4s :S. will it work if i get the part from other device and transfer it here? and btw, the jumper thingy, is the picture enough to tell them what i want to be done with my phone? thanks.


the picture should tell a good tech exactly what needs to be done. I do not have all the schematics to see which one of your spare parts would have the same component.


i see. thank you. if i cant find that part, maybe the last option is jumper since the ordering of part starts at 4000 quantity, i dont need the 3999, i just need 1. whats the consequence of using jumper? why dont you prefer it? is there any issue related to signal if jumper is applied?

maybe you could also help me sir in the other thread regarding the headphone jack issue, i have replaced the assemble, but still has hissing sound, remedy i have applied is shown in this picture:


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