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Epson Printer SX 425 imprime des pages quasiment blanches

On a remplace les cartouches et nettoyé les têtes. Pourtant on n'imprime que des pages quasiment blanches avec des vagues traces d'encre

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J'ai trouvé cette page sûr le site Epson qui explique certaines solutions (en Anglais) j'espère que ça vous aide un peu!

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I had a similar problem with my Epson BX625FWD. Here are some facts:

- The printer may print without problem color

- The printer can not print any black page

- Printer bought in 2011

- I use only no-name cartridges

- The printer is mainly used over a Desktop running on Ubuntu 14.04

I run following steps to solve my problems:

1) 4 time cleaning head process

-> The result remains as bad as before.

2) I remove and put back in place the current black cartridge

-> The result remains as bad as before and the print could not recognize anymore the current black cartirdge. I shall replace the black cartirdge. I think this step was not really helpful ...

3) Then I made a "head alignment" test. This was not quite easy because the printer could print only 4 of the 7 lpartern lines. Whatever. I try to do my best.

4) Then I made again once a cleaning head process

5) Ultimately I made a head test pinting, and the result was perferct! The printer could print perfeclty black figures!

I am not aware which steps were relevant to solve the problem. I hope, that this quick "how-to" may help you.

Merry Christmas

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