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Released in November 2012, the GoPro HERO3 is a Wi-Fi capable, 4K resolution digital camcorder.

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Go Pro Hero 3 Black, had large impact, now will not function?


I was using my GoPro Hero 3+ (Black edition) without the poly-carbonate cover. It took a fall from about 10 metres. When I recovered it, the front LCD screen was cracked and the micro SD card had come out.

When I tried to turn it on it beep like normal, when I put the micro SD card back in I noticed the slot was extremely hot to touch (burning hot), then the GoPro turn off with no noise.

I tried plugging the GoPro into my laptop to check the micro SD card but the GoPro would not stay on after putting the micro SD card in, so I can't even use it as a card reader.

GoPro 3+ (Black edition) is not a cheap camera and I have only had it for about 4 months.

Has anyone had a total failure of there GoPro and was able to get it back to a working state?

Thanking everyone in advance


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LeeBatey first I'd try a different SD card. If that still creates the same error, time to disassemble your GoPro. Use this teardown and see if that is something you would tackle. Once open check the contacts around the SD slot and make sure that they are not bend or broken. Post some images of what you see once you have it apart.

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It is most likely to be that there is some thing shorting out when you put the sd card in.

I have never really dealt with a go pro so i can't tell you if is fixable but its something to explore

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i cant tell u how to fix it ,mine comes on showing the movie camera but cant go any further, mine only dropped from my hand to table,

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