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The G4 Quicksilver came in 533MHz, 667MHz, 733MHz, 800MHz, 933MHz, And 1.0GHz speeds.

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Can a cpu cause a G4 QS power supply to fail?

Recently, my 2001 Power Mac G4 QS would not power up at all.

When I replaced the power supply it booted up as far as the grey apple screen. Then the multi-language "you must shut down " warning with text superimposed over it.The text began:

panic(cpu 0 caller 0x000B0504): "Uncorrectable machine check: pc = 0000000000705740, msr = 0000000000149030, dsisr = 400000000, dar =

I swapped out the OWC Mercury Extreme cpu with the original dual 800 MHz which shipped with the computer.

After running disk utility Permissions Repair and cleaning out the caches it seems to be fine.

Here's the question: Could the OWC cpu have caused the power supply to fail? Everything was fine when I shut down the computer the session before.

Another question: Is my OWC cpu toast? Their tech support said they would not service it, and they had no idea who could.

I opened up the failed power supply and it looks like something burst, there is white goo that has dripped inside it which seems to have come from near the mains input.

When I took the fan assembly and heat sink off of the OWC cpu the grease and thermal pad were dried up. I believe I put the cpu in circa 2009.

Any advice is most welcome, and thank you in advance for any help.

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Sounds like you simply blew a capacitor in your power supply. If it is booting OK from your system installation disk your CPU is fine. You may have developed bad block on your hard drive. I'd back up my data and do a "write zeros" option reformat, then install a new system. Will it boot from the installation DVD with both CPU's?

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Thank you for your response. Yes. The power supply was toast, and I replaced it with a working one. The OWC cpu that I had put in in 2009 was not allowing the computer to boot up after I did that. I have heard the symptom described as 'kernel panic'. When I replaced the OWC cpu with the original dual 800 MHz cpu which came with the Power Mac, it booted up and everything worked fine.

Perhaps I am not expressing myself well. I'd like to know if the OWC cpu is toast and if it caused my power supply to fail.


I have never heard of a bad CPU causing a power supply failure. Kernel panics can be caused by both bad software or bad hardware.


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Try to install the OS again, and check the operation of the CPU fan

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I do not understand your comment about installing the OS.

The CPU fan is working.


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