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Also known as Sony Ericsson ST17i, Sony Ericsson ST17a. Released October 2011

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My phone repeatedly powers off during use.

When using my phone, it will unexpectedly power off. This happens when opening various applications or making phone calls or sending/receiving text messages. Is there any easy way to fix this without buying a completely new phone???

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1. The battery may just not have enough charge. Make sure to plug in the phone with a known working cable to ensure that the battery has enough charge.

2. If you are using a known functioning charge cable, it’s possible that the battery is dead. You may need to replace the battery.

3. The power button may be stuck, and need replacement.

4. The screen cable may be dislodged or is faulty. If it is firmly seated in the slot, then the cable may need replacement.

5. Motherboard is faulty. It will need replacement.

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