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Repair and service information for the Sanza Fuse, a flash-based Video/MP3 player with a 1.9" color screen, and MicroSD slot. Released in March 2008.

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Sansa Fuze not recognized by computer

What should I do when my computer no longer recognizes my Sansa Fuze when I connect it?

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Have you tired a different cable? Checked on a different computer? Cleaned the USB port on your Fuze with some alcohol and a few puffs of compressed air?


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I've tried blowing dust out of the port in mine and spraying condensed air into it. It turns out that the 1st gen fuze is so old that it doesn't recognize anything above windows 7 as a computer. Try getting and sd card so that you can still sync up with the music. That's what I do now.

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