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The ASUS PadFone X is a revolutionary 5-inch Full-HD LTE Android smartphone that can be easily transformed into a 9-inch Full-HD LTE Tablet. ASUS released the device in June of 2014 and is identified by model number T00D.

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Why does my WIFI keep disconnecting?

The WIFI on my Padfone keeps disconnecting every time I stop using the phone for a few minutes. When I go to recheck my phone some minutes later, the WIFI is not connected. What could cause this?

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You should first check to see that you have a strong WIFI signal. If you have verified this, most likely you need to edit your WIFI settings on the phone. Swipe the top of the screen down, and click on the settings button that now appears in the upper right corner. Select 'WIFI' and then choose 'Advanced'. Uncheck the option for the WIFI to disconnect when the phone enters sleep mode. This should solve your issue and prevent your signal from consistently dropping.

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