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Does a A1175 Battery works with my A1226?

Hi guys.

I want to purchase a new battery for my MacBook Pro 15inch i think it is easly 2008 or 2007

the model is A1226 and I could not find any battery for it in ifixit

So I checked and wrote my model number and it gives me a battery for a1175

Does this battery fit my mac or not guys? what do you think?


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they have all the smae battery and if i remember right - the A1175 is the model number for the battery - like the A1226 for your MacBook Pro

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LOL you are right :)

I did not know about the parts model until you told me ^^

Thanks man so much.


you're welcome ;-)


One last thing do you know the weight of the battery?


not exactly - the most pages are saying something betweeen 412 and 533 grams


OH great!! Thanks so much markus :) I really appreciate your help.


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My battery weigh 450g on a postal weight.

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