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Schwinn Mens Tourist 28"/700c Road Bike

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Why does my pedal have an unnatural feel while pedaling?

When riding the pedals feel very weird making it difficult to ride.

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One cause to having an unnatural feel when pedaling could be that the pedal is stripped. If the pedal is stripped replace it immediately as it can cause permanent damage to the bike. If that is not the problem, it could be the crank arm. The crank arm of the bike controls the pedals if there is a problem as possible solution would be to replace it.

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Usually this "weird" feeling is because the pedal axle is slightly bent.

These are fairly low end pedals.

Replacing them is not expensive.

Taking it to a local bike shop to buy pedals won't cost much, but learning first hand from a mechanic will be an eye opener. And could save you money down the road.

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