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The Dell XPS 10 tablet comes with Windows RT, Office Home and Student 2013 RT. Model number: XPS10-2727BLK.

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Broken screen fix, or replacement

i broke my screen, lcd and all. is there somewhere i can get a replacement screen?

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yes, you can buy the lcd from ifixit website. go to the website select ifixit, select shop for parts, then buy the part that you want. you can also buy the parts from your local stores, or ebay, amazon and alibabas. thanks

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is there some way to fix just my screen? i dont know about the lcd or whatever but i need my screen fixed. how much will it cost??


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i broked my screen but not the lcd or whatever

is there some way to fix just my screen

and how much?

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Unfortunately the lcd is fused to the glass so it would be easier to just get a replacement glass/lcd rather than try and separate the two and then fuse them.

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