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A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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Where to buy a replacement LCD?

Hey can someone tell me where can i buy a LCD for my lg g2. The screen is showing LCD maybe damage an what tools will i need to fix it .

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eBay will probably be your best bet to find the LCD. You're most likely going to need the entire display assembly: the glass lens, digitizer, and LCD panel. It should cost around $40-60, and you'll want to get one with a toolkit and adhesive included. If you're not comfortable repairing it yourself, take it to a repair shop and they'll do it for you. If you buy the part first and bring it in with your phone, they may knock down the price of the repair for you. The repair on the G2 is pretty tough if you've never done a screen repair before.

LG G2 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

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